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Common Triggers of Eye Twitch and how you can treat it

Some people feel their eyes twitch uncontrollably, oftentimes it lasts up to a week or more. What really goes wrong to make the eyelid twitch? Find out in this article;

An eye twitch occurs when the eye muscle or eyelid spasm or moves without control. The medical term is blepharospasm, it tends to occur more in your upper eyelid. If you experience this, you will notice that your eyelid moves every few seconds, usually just for a minute or two.

There are three common types of eye twitches include;

Minor eyelid twitch

It is often related to everyday things like fatigue, stress, caffeine, or irritation of the cornea.

Benign essential eye twitch

This type starts in adulthood and gets worse with time. It commences with nonstop blinking or eye irritation. If it gradually gets worse, you may be more sensitive to light, have blurry vision, and have facial spasms. 

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Hemifacial spasm

It's not widespread and happens when your artery presses on a facial nerve. It usually affects the muscles around your mouth and your eyelid. 

The things that may trigger eyelid twitch include;

Bring tired or experiencing fatigue

Are you stressed

Drinking too much caffeine

Taking alcoholic drinks


Being sensitive to light perhaps by frequent use of your computer or phone

Certain medications, especially those that treat mental illnesses and epilepsy

How to treat

Most minor eye twitches go away on their own. It's good to get plenty of rest and avoid taking alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine when you're experiencing it. Additionally, if as a result of dry eyes or irritated eyes, try over-the-counter artificial tears.

If the twitch doesn’t go away after a few days to more than a week, you may squint all the time, have trouble seeing and affecting your daily activities.

For example, the twitch lasts more than 1 week, your eyelid closes completely, the spasms involve other facial muscles, you've redness, swelling, or discharge from your eyes, and your upper eyelid droops, then see an eye doctor.

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