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Do You Have A Lump in Your Armpit? Here is What it is and Possible Reasons For It

One of the most fearful things you can ever experience or notice in your body is a lump. This is terrible because it has a lot of psychological trauma attached to it because of the belief that every lump in one's body is a sign of cancer.

This belief has created an unfounded fright in the minds of people but the most common lump we have all noticed at one point or another is the lump in the armpit. This is a common lump and many have it while some are still scared it might be a sign of cancer and some other deadly infections. We are going to make some clarifications in this article, if you have the lump in your armpit, sit tight and learn.

First of all, the lump in your armpit is not actually a lump but a swollen lymph node. Lymph nodes are immune system glands that usually enlarge or get large as a response to bacterial or viral diseases, though sudden swelling of the lymph nodes might be a sign of cancer of the lymph nodes or another dangerous cancer. Swollen lymph nodes are rarely a sign of cancer, really rare. Below are some possible reasons why you have lymph nodes in your armpit

1. Many Viruses can cause a lymph node in the armpit to get swollen, below are some of the viral infections that can make a lymph node swell;

a. Chicken Pox

b. Measles


d. Other viral infections.

Often times swollen lymph nodes is the first sign that a strange virus has made its way into your body. If you either copulated with somebody and then suddenly start noticing lymph nodes in your armpit, neck etc, immediately call a doctor. There are other possible reasons why you have a swollen lymph node in your armpit.

2. Flu; Flu or Influenza is a respiratory infection that can also cause the lymph nodes including the ones in your armpit to swell. If you have a flu and notice swollen lymph nodes in your armpit, there is no need being worried, just treat your flu and the lymph nodes will gently and slowly go down to normal.

3. Infectious Mononucleosis; this is also known as Glandular fever. It is as a result of a viral infection in the body and can also cause the lymph nodes in the armpit or neck to swell up. It doesn't mean you will soon die, just visit the hospital, get your viral infection sorted out and watch how slowly the swollen lymph nodes will go down.

4. Certain Cancerous Cells; this can not be ruled out entirely because certain cancer can also cause the lymph nodes to swell up. Assuming you are facing a breast related cancer, there is every possibility that you might notice swollen lymph nodes in your armpit. In this case, you will also experience some terrible signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

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