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Possible Reasons Why You Wake Up With Body Pain

Waking up with body pain or ache is a common experience many individuals have. It is described as a feeling of pain or discomfort one a part or all of the body. It can be caused due to certain reasons which will be discussed in this article according to

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Potential Reasons Or Causes Of Body Pain After Waking Up:

1 Pillow: if your pillow is wrongly positioned, you may restrain yourself to sleep on your side. These could cause body pain or ache after sleeping.

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2 Poor quality mattress: when you sleep with a compressed or poor quality mattress,the body weight will lack a firm support and this leads to body pain.

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3 Poor sleeping position: sleeping on your stomach can cause back and neck pain.

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4 Overweight or Obesity: it strains the tendons, muscles, joints , and ligaments. This can lead to body pain after sleeping.

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5 Medical condition: certain medical condition can result to sleep related body aches caused by inflammation.

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6 Lack of good quality sleep: body ache or pain can be caused by the lack of quality sleep. Exercise is an effective way of improving sleep.

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