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Foods you should avoid consuming excessively if you have kidney problem

Your kidneys are essential because they help in the elimination of waste products from your body. Healthy food intake help in the well-functioning of the kidneys, however when your kidneys are suffering from disease, certain food should be avoided to enable them to function better.

According to MedicineNet, foods to limit their intake when your kidneys are not healthy include:

1. Fluids: Generally, you have to maintain the water level in your body. However, at the initial stage of kidney disease, limit your fluid levels. Because damaged kidneys do not remove extra fluid, excess fluid can be harmful to you. It can even trigger hypertension, swelling, and heart failure. It can also accumulate extra fluid around your lungs and you may have difficulty breathing. Also, reduce some foods that have a lot of water including ice cream, watermelon, and grapes. 

2. Salt: Avoid table salt and high-sodium seasoning food items. Sodium affects your blood pressure and assists in the maintenance of the water level in your body. If you have ankle swelling, hypertension, breathing difficulty, and fluid build-up around your heart and lungs, you must do away with salt. You must aim for less than 1,500 milligrams of salt in your day-to-day diet. Use spices or herbs rather than salt. Avoid packaged food and read labels while shopping. Rely on home-cooked food. 

3. Protein: Protein is vital for your body, more protein allows your kidneys to function harder and may worsen kidney disease. Speak with your dietitian to know the appropriate combination and amount of protein for you. You may need to reduce the intake of foods including meat, seafood, and dairy products.

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