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Be lion on the bed, gain your confidence again but hitting hard.

No magic or wonder to be strong and energetic in bed, it is just a natural step, what to eat that will boost man performance and what not to eat.

These are under listed name of the fruits, which will boost your performance in bed when you eats daily.

1. Date.

2. Coconut. ( drink the water too). It is good for the health).

3. Watermelon (eat it with the seeds inside for better result)

4. Walnut.

5. Bitter kola

6. Cola nut.

7. Cucumber.

Avoid eating or consuming these;

1 Sugar ( Too much of sugar is the body system will affect your performance on bed, asides, sugar weakens the immune system). Shun it totally, used honey for your tea instead.

2 Candy's

3. Chocolate

4. Alcohol

5. Cigarette.

In addition

Eat at the appropriate time, do no skip your breakfast, take quantity of water at least 4liters daily, do away with hard drugs, avoid excessive exercise, too much of exercise is dangerous for the health.

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Bitter Coconut Cola Cucumber Walnut


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