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10 ways to improve your brain capacity

Everybody wants to think like Einstein, use this simple brain booster to increase your brain capacity.

Increasing your brain capacity is easir than you think. Don't make using your brain a problem. It's time you start thinking like a genuius.

1. Exercise Daily.

Just like your brain needs it's workout in order to function as it suppose too, it can even protect your brain against degeneration.

2. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best brain exercise, it's helps clear the mind full of worries, it's easy, all you have to do is put on your headphone play the most harmonic meditation songs on your musice list and let it put you in a meditative state.

3. chew Gum

I know you will be shock to hear chew gum help boost th brain capacity, some few years back a university found out that chew gum for several minutes help boost your memory fora small period of time maybe about [15-50 minutes].


Water also plays an important rule in boosting the brain capacity, it enhances the brain's electrochemical activity-dehydration slows it down.

5. Learn To Spell Backward

To exercise yourbrain, try saying the alphabets backwards o continuously spell somethings backward.

6. Learn and use A new word you here everyday

Look up every new word you hear that is right. Learn it, and start using it.

7. Stop Multitasking

meaning that you should do one thing at a time,this doesn't just increase your brain capacity, it also makes your output more effective.

8. play

when i say play i don't mean you should play away your life,no. i meant have fun with friends gist with them laugh with them and see how it changes your thinking positively.

9. yoga

this is an old practice that discipline the body as well as the mind. it also sharpen the brain.

10. Dancing

Dancing is fun and great activity for your brain.

that's all for now pls kindly like and share.

thank you.

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