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What People Think Makes Them Fat VS What Really Does

Many people have the habit of being too conscious of body fat and some are not, even when they should be. The right amount of body fat is normal because like it or not, fat is needed in the body. But what becomes alarming to most people is when they discover they have very excessive amount of body fat and they have no idea why. Here are a few things people think causes body fat and a few things that actually do. You would be amazed how much you've been getting it wrong.


1. Eating Rice Or Any Other Carbs

First thing that comes to mind is carbs are dangerous!!! Sorry to burst your bubbles, they actually aren't. In fact, rice as well as all the several other carbs are a necessity for your body to function properly. Where it becomes a problem is when you decide to consume them like a bandit!

2. Eating Swallow

The likes of Eba, Semo, Fufu, Pounded Yam, Amala are popularly referred to as swallow. A lot of people try their best to avoid eating any of these because they have been told that they would get fat just by eating it. News flash, excessive eating is the problem. Whether you eat rice or you eat beans or you eat fruits, you will definitely get fat if you consume too much of anything!

3. Eating At Night

Many people keep singing to us about how wrong it is to eat at night. Some people even have a curfew for food! The truth is, if you eat late or you eat at night and do not give your body the opportunity to process what you have eaten, the food will sit like a pretty chubby kid in your stomach and guess what happens next? It will most definitely get stored up as fat!

I could keep listing out the things you think cause excess fat and why they actually will but here are 4 tips for you that you properly have already heard;

Eat Right, Eat Smart, Work It Out, Walk It Out...especially dinner

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Content created and supplied by: Decojonney (via Opera News )

Eating Eba Fufu Swallow Yam


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