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Reasons Why You Should Stop Adding Sugar To Your Pap (Akamu)

The consumption of processed substances has become increasingly common in today's society. Many individuals cannot go a day without consuming something that contains sugar.

Sugar, a white refined carbohydrate, has a sweet taste that contributes to various health problems people face today. However, there are certain meals that we find difficult to consume without adding sugar, such as pap, oatmeal, cereals, and others.

While sugar is added to these foods to enhance their taste, we may not be fully aware of the potential health risks it poses. Therefore, I have compiled two compelling reasons why we should refrain from adding sugar to our pap.

Pap, also known as Akamu, is a meal made from corn. In its natural state, pap offers several benefits to the body, especially for lactating mothers. Here are the two reasons:

1. According to healthline Adding sugar to pap alters its natural taste, thereby changing the entire chemistry of what pap is meant to provide to the body. Instead of consuming a nutritious pap that positively contributes to our health, the added sugar may negatively impact the immune system. Sugar has the potential to weaken the immune system, making it more vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

2. Another reason to avoid adding sugar to pap is its potential to contribute to weight gain. The more sugar we consume with pap, the higher the likelihood of gaining weight. Consuming pap alone over an extended period can already lead to weight gain, and the addition of processed additives like sugar exacerbates this effect.

It is worth noting that adding sugar to pap indirectly triggers the release of insulin in the bloodstream. This can result in high blood sugar levels and potentially lead to diabetes.

Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from adding sugar to pap in order to preserve its natural benefits and avoid the associated health risks.

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