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Natural cure for Pox in your birds

Fowl pox and the likes

Most time is not pox, to save other please make sure they feed in a very clean environment, cos fly's can lay virus on there poor and that can affect them through eyes, ear's and mouth. If you can't operate it please give antibiotics cos the eye is gone already

Before application press d eye to remove the white things inside and use tetracycline to clean at this mild stage

I think lime is better,but it's sometimes hash to the eye,.... Just saying it from my little experience and treatment..someone might have another better way, to save your money and still get the same results lime is better


Broilers production offers the most rapid and cost effective means of making available high quality animal protein to man. Poultry meat is mostly preferred to be beef because of its protein and lower calorie content in addition to other favorable meat qualities such as tenderness.

The brooding management of chicks and broilers is the same.

With good management couple with other factors such as good bread,environment and others,it is expected that the broiler should reach a market weight of 1.5 to 2kg at 10weeks.

The consumption of starter mash should be between 1.5 to 2kg/bird from 0 to 4weeks while the amount of broiler finisher should be between 3 to 4kg/bird from 5 to 10weeks with a corresponding weight of 1.5 to 2kg/bird.

Broiler needs good management more than layers especially during heat season,its need enough ventilation changing of its water time by time especially water without drugs inside,avoid over crowding the broilers,

Broilers die mostly because of over crowded

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