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Are You Suffering From Too Much Pimples? If Yes, Do These Three Things To Get Rid Of It.

Hello everyone,today I will be showing you how to cure the pimples on your face without going to see the doctor or wasting money.

There are some things that were created by God that can work very well to cure the pimples and they can be easily gotten. They include: Cucumber, Lemon juice and Honey.

1. Honey: This is a food that is suppose to always be in your house or around us. Honey can also be used to cure other things apart from pimples like foot infections and some other wounds. Honey also help in making sure that the cells in the body are well stimulated.

Steps To Follow:

1. Get an empty container that your hand can easily enter. Pour any amount of honey you can into the container.

2. Use a clean cotton wool and deep it into the honey bottle then apply it on your face.

3. Get a warm water to rinse it off after you must have applied it for about a hour. Do not use cold water unless it would hinder the effect.

Do this for about 3 weeks and notice the change.

2. Cucumber: Most cosmetic companies apply cucumber to their creams to help in freshening of the skin. Cucumber contains vitamins A,C and E.

Steps To Follow

1. Get as many cucumbers as possible.

2. Wash the cucumber very well,slice into many pieces in other to allow the water pass into the bowl.

3. Leave it for about 30 minutes so that all the nutrients contained in the cucumber can be released into the water.

4. Regularly drink it and also wash your face with the cucumber water. It does not have any side effects or cause any harm to the body.

3. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and also serves as antibodies for the human body.

Steps To Follow

1. Get the lemon,cut it and squeeze out the juice part because that is what is needed..

2. Pour the juice part into a bowl or a container,dip the cotton wool into the container and apply it to your face for a week.

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