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Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is rich in potassium and calcium, which help in the treatment of intestinal infections and the control of blood pressure. Coconut water is also recommended during physical activity, as it hydrates the body and replenishes minerals lost through sweat.

As a natural drink, it can be consumed by people of all ages, including babies. In addition, it contains few calories, no fat, and is also a diuretic, which helps to eliminate excess fluid in the body, making it a good choice to aid weight loss. Coconut water also has an antioxidant function that strengthens the immune system, preventing situations such as heart attacks and some types of cancer, for example.

Although it is healthy, coconut water intake should be a maximum of 3 glasses a day, as excess can cause alterations in the heartbeat, for example. In the case of diabetics, consumption should be limited to a maximum of 1 glass a day, and because it contains a lot of potassium, which can be harmful to the kidneys if consumed in excess, a nutritionist or doctor should be consulted if you have a kidney problem.

Some benefits of coconut water, according to Medicalnewstoday include:

Hydrate the body

Because it is rich in mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium, coconut water helps to replenish these minerals in the body and is widely used by those who practice physical activity, as it has few calories and does not cause abdominal distention, as in the case of other isotonic drinks. In addition, coconut water can also be used for health problems where there is a risk of dehydration, such as diarrhoea. See other ways to treat diarrhoea.

Because it has a pleasant, slightly sweetened taste, coconut water can be drunk when thirsty, helping to hydrate the body, skin, and hair.

Improve kidney function

As a natural liquid with antioxidant nutrients, coconut water helps to eliminate toxins from the body as it stimulates the functioning of the kidneys, helping in the production and elimination of urine. The more urine is produced, the greater the elimination of small crystals that can form and give rise to kidney stones, thus preventing kidney stones.

However, when suffering from kidney disease, it is important to consult a nephrologist and a nutritionist to control the intake of coconut water because the high intake of potassium present in large amounts in this drink can overload the kidney function.

Improve digestion

The potassium and magnesium present in coconut water help to combat poor digestion, heartburn, and reflux, making it a good strategy for those who suffer from constant nausea and dizziness, such as pregnant women and people undergoing chemotherapy. Coconut water helps to cleanse and hydrate the oesophagus, soothing irritation caused by heartburn and, thus, nausea.

Helps control blood pressure

Potassium, present in large quantities in coconut water, improves the relaxation of the veins and increases the elimination of sodium through urine. Therefore, it helps in the treatment of high blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart disease, such as heart attack. 

Fight cramps

Coconut water contains calcium and magnesium, which support muscle health and are efficient for the prevention and treatment of cramps in those who practice physical activity. This drink relaxes blood vessels, promoting muscle relaxation, which is important after exercise.

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