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Are you struggling with mosquitoes and cockroaches?, then, read this and worry no more

  I have had many experiences in trying to keep many pests and rodents away from my home. Here are some natural remedies that I use over time and you can try them out.

  This guide can provide many home remedies for getting rid of various insects and other pests.

  Natural ways to avoid insects and other pests in your home

Infestation of rodents and ants in homes is not healthy at all as they pose health risks and endanger our lives. We can choose to make use of pesticide which can be expensive and even pose health risks to us as individuals most especially if you have little ones in house. Another thing is that these pesticides do not last for a long period of time, they only work for a period of time

  In an attempt to help you regain a sense of security in your home, however, here are some home remedies to prevent all small hairless parasites.

* Ants

- Cut the cucumbers into slices and place them at the most likely entrance of the ants into your kitchen. Ants have a natural instinct to avoid the smell of cucumber. The bitter cucumber slices are better.

- The spray of soapy water is excellent against ants. It kills them and neutralizes their movement.

- Chopped mint leaves or mint tea bags are a good anti-ant agent.

- A mixture of apple jelly with mint and boric acid is a deterrent against pharaoh ants.

- Put cloves into the broken deck to kill the ants that are residing in the cracks.

- To kill ants in their colony, mix 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 cup of sugar. Put a few cotton balls in the solution and place it inside the yogurt with perforated holes inside to allow the ants. They will eventually die while eating them.

* Cockroaches

- Slice cucumber and put at their entry points

- Spray soap water directly on cockroaches, it kills them.

-You can also prepare a mixture of equal amounts of boric acid powder, sugar and cornmeal and place it in areas with high cockroach traffic. It will act like a poison and kill them.

- Place boric dust in the kitchen cabinets and the spaces between the ceilings and cabinets. Boric dust is toxic to their environment, it kills all cockroaches if they come in contact with it.

* Mosquitos

  Mosquitoes are often not far from stagnant water and dirty places. In other words, it is necessary to keep the environment clean and ventilated. 

 - A solution of garlic juice used as a spray repels mosquitoes for up to six hours. Add one part of garlic juice and five parts of water to prepare the mixture and spread it all over the body. It is non-toxic and very effective.

-  The oil extracted from the neem leaves is very effective and non-toxic. Neem oil can be applied to exposed skin to repel mosquitoes. It is also a good nutrient for the body which can kill other harmful bacteria that attack our resistance.

- Lemongrass is a very good repellant. Break a stalk from the clump of the plant, and peel off the outer leaves until you find a scallion-like stem at the base. Rub the stem between your palm vigorously—it will turn into a pulpy, juicy mass. Now rub this all over your exposed body. Mosquitoes will not dare come near you.

  The best way to avoid flies is to keep your home clean and tidy. Small bags of chopped mint leaves can also be placed around the house to prevent flies from entering your home.

*Lizards/ well gecko

-  Your dog can also help prevent flies from entering the house. If you feed your growing dogs, they give a smell that repels flies.

-  Empty your canal using hot boiling water and bleaching powder to eliminate the spread of flies in the canal system.

-  Onion slices can also be a good remedy for preventing lizards and controlling their movements. Because of its active compounds and its sulfur content, onions act as a constraint for lizards. Put a few slices near the hidden areas of the lizard and watch the results.

-  This can be a little shocking, but peacock feathers can also be used to keep lizards away. Since peacocks eat lizards, small reptiles scare them. In addition, peacock feathers can also be used as home decorations.

Remember: A clean and neat house is the major key to keeping pests and rodents away. So, please, keep your house clean.

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