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Surgeons Successfully Transplant Pig's Kidney To A Human Body Without Complications

Surgeons have transplanted the Kidney of a Pig to a human being in a successful surgery that was rated as first of it's kind.

The procedure was said to be done at NYU Langone Health, New York City.

The surgery involved the use of a pig whose gene had been altered so that its tissues does not contain molecules known to trigger rejection immediately after transplant.

The recipient was a patient with severe signs of kidney dysfunction whose family had consented to the experiment before she would be taken off life support.

It is reported that for three consecutive days, the new kidney was attached to her body through the blood vessels and maintained outside, thereby giving researchers access to work on it.

Dr Robert Montgomery, the Transplant Surgeon who led the study said the result was normal.

He said the the quantity of urine produced by the transplanted kidney was normal as expected and no evidence of rejection was seen.

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