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Why We Think Negative Faster than positive

Life is good and we all want the good things of life. Good things are everywhere even very close us but in the midst of this things we think of the negative faster than the positive. Have you ever wonder why it is so.

Someone who is suffering is always afraid of dying in that situation.

Someone who is rich is always thinking not to lose his riches.

When a child is out of the sight of his parents most parents start being afraid for the unknown.

When one has a new job, he is always being scared of losing the job.

When in a problem, we only see the pit of the problem and forget the heavens.

In crossing road, driving or even traveling people think of accident.

There are so many situations like the ones above. However, I have come to understand that this way of life is a human nature that is rooted in the subconsciousness of man, which sometimes happened without ones control.

One of the solutions is a continuous battle within oneself, by speaking positive words continuously to ones life until it overcome the negative ones. We are always afraid of the things that can prevent our present or future life of pleasure, so those negative thoughts come more frequent.

What is your view on why we think of negative faster than Positive, let's hear your view. Please use the comment box

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