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Infectious Diseases and Non infectious Diseases: An insight to prevent or treat different sicknesses

Infectious and Non-infectious diseases

When considering how to prevent or treat different sicknesses, it helps to think of them in two groups: infectious and non infectious.

Infectious diseases: they are those that spread from one person to another. Healthy persons must be protected from people with these sicknesses.

Non-infectious diseases: they do not spread from one person to another. They have other causes. Therefore, it is important to know which sicknesses are infectious or not.

Non-infectious diseases

Non-infectious diseases have many different causes but they are never caused by germs, bacteria, or other living organisms that attack the body. They never spread from person to another. It is important to realize that antibiotics, or medicines that fights germs, do not help cure non-infectious diseases.

Examples of Non-infectious Diseases:

Problems caused by something that wears out or goes wrong within the body;

* Rheumatism

* Heart attack

* Epileptic fits

* Stroke

* Migraines

* Cataract

* Cancer

Problems caused by something from outside that harms or trouble the body;

* Allergies

* Asthma

* Poisons

* Snakebite

* Cough from smoking

* Stomach Ulcer

* Alcoholism

Problems caused by a lack of something the body needs;

* Malnutrition

* Pellagra

* Anemia

* Goiter and Cretinism

* Cirrhosis of the liver

* Night blindness

* Xerophthalmia

Problems people are born with;

* Harelip

* Crossed or wall-eyes

* Epilepsy 

* Children birthmarks

Problems that begin in the mind ( mental illnesses);

* Fear

* Nervous (anxiety)

* Witchcraft

* Hysteria ( uncontrolled fear)

Infectious Diseases

 Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria and other organisms (living things) that harms the body. They spread in many ways. Here are some of the most important kinds of organisms that cause infections and examples of sicknesses that they cause:


Tuberculosis: through the air(coughing)

Tetanus: through dirty wounds

Some Diarrhea: through dirty fingers, water, flies.

Pneumonia: through the air (coughing)

Gonorrhea: sexual contact

Earache: through cold and sore throat

Infected wound: through contact with dirty things

Sores with pus: through direct contact 

Principal Medicine: different antibiotics for different bacterial conditions.

Virus ( smaller germs than bacteria):

Colds, flu, measles, chickenpox, infantile paralysis, diarrhea: they spread from someone who is sick, through the air, by coughing, flies etc.

Rabies: through animal bites.

Warts: through touches.

Principal Medicine: aspirin and other painkillers (there are no medicines that fight viruses effectively. Antibiotics do not help). Vaccinations help prevent some virus infections.


Ringworm: through clothing

Jock itch: through touching or from clothing

Principal Medicine: sulfur and vinegar ointments.

Internal parasites (harmful animals living in the body)

In the gut: 

 worms: through feces to mouth 

Amebas: through lacks of cleanliness

Principal Medicine: different specific medicines

In the blood:

  Malaria: through mosquito bite

Principal Medicine: chloroquine or other malaria medicine

External parasites ( harmful animals living on the body)

Lice: through contact with infected people

Bedbugs: through contact with clothes

Principal Medicine: insecticides, lindane.

 Bacteria, like many of the organisms that cause infections, are so small you cannot see them without a microscope (an instrument that makes tiny things look bigger). Viruses are even smaller than bacteria.

 Antibiotics ( penicillin, tetracycline, etc) are medicines that helps cure certain illnesses caused by bacteria. Antibiotics have no effect on illnesses caused by viruses, such as colds, flu, mumps, chickenpox, etc. Do not treat virus infections with antibiotics. They will not help and may be harmful.

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