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She Was Born With HIV/AIDS, But Never Gave Up On Life; Read The Heartfelt Story Of This Strong Lady

Life is full of mysteries and even when we try to unravel the mysteries of life, the more confused we are. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation whereby we just want to die and leave all the wickedness of this world behind, and in a second thought, we ask ourselves, if we truly die like this, what would the other world be like? Will it truely bring the peace we seek for or continue another struggle?

There are people who are born weak while others born a fighter (those who never give up on life easily) and so we are going to be reading a story of a Lady called Hydeia Broadbent, who was born a fighter. Hydeia was born in 1984 with HIV at a Las Vegas Hospital. Her mother abadoned her in the hospital where she was born after Hydeia and her mother was tested positive for HIV. She was later adopted by the Broadbent who hopefully thought they can find a cure to her illness.

While growing up, Hydeia always have a brain and blood infections, pneumonia and sometimes develop cold blue. Her condition however worsened and developed to AIDS when she was five years old. It was predicted that she won't be able to make it and would die when she's five years old. The good thing was that, Hydeia survived. Watch one of her interview while she was little with Maury Povich through this link below;

Because of Hydeia strong and fighting spirit, she didn't die at the speculated time predicted by the Doctors. At her young age, she became an HIV/AIDS activists. She then started appearing on TV shows like Maury Povich, Oprah, Jerry Springer. She started begging for people to understand her and children like her. She will always tell people that children like her are just normal like others. Sometimes, she gets a teary eye and become sober while addressing people and seeking for understanding for people like her.

Hydeia Broadbent is now 34 years old, and still living very healthy. She's now a distinguished motivational speaker who always shared her message of HIV/AIDS to create awareness to the audiences. She makes sure she encourage people like her which is her mission and educate people on self examination, promotes abstinence, safe love practices and informed decision making.

See her photos here;

Life is all about positivity. She believes she can make a difference despite her situation, she never believed she would die and today she's a successful motivational speaker. No matter what we're going through in life, we should always be positive.

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