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How To Cook Your Vegetables To Get All The Nutrients For Your Health

The things we take into our system go a very long way to build or destroy our health. There are so many foods which we eat every day, but cooking them the right way will help us to stay healthy for a long time and help to fight against diseases.

Well, fruits and vegetables have always been recommended for us to add to our daily diets. This is because, they contain a lot of nutrients which help our health, but the fact remains that some people do not know how to cook their vegetables.

They tend to over cook them thereby, reducing or destroying all the vital nutrients even before they eat.

So, this article explores how to cook our vegetables in order to get all the needed nutrients. The best way to cook vegetables is by simply steaming and the methods are listed below:

1. When we get the green vegetables, wash thoroughly in clean water. This is the first and important step to this process. Before we continue, a study has this to say below:

2. Arrange the vegetables well, get a chopping board and slice to your desired size.

3. Place a pot on the gas, add just little water and bring it to a boil. Then add other ingredients like pepper, crayfish, little oil, fresh tomatoes, onions little salt to taste.

Add fish or meat if you are making a rich tasty vegetable. You may decide not to add all these ingredients depending on what you want.4. The vegetables should be the last thing to add, pour it in and cover the pot making sure the water is just little. At this point, you are steaming the vegetables.

5. Cook on a low heat so it doesn't over cook. After 2 to 3 minutes, open and stir. Taste it to know whether it is done but it should obviously be done.

Note: Long cooking or boiling gets the vegetables too soft thereby making all the nutrients wash off from the vegetables and dying off in the pot.

Steaming retains the phytochemicals, important minerals and vitamins which the vegetables have.

These minerals are what the body needs especially to help fight against any disease. I hope this article helps you to cook your vegetables well next time.

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