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Facts about pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Is an infection of a woman's reproductive organs,it is caused by bacteria that travels up the reproductive tract. PID Can result in inflammation of the uterus,ovaries and Fallopian tubes which could lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

PID Can also lead to long term health problems if left untreated and it can even be life threatening.

Symptoms of PID:

¤ Unusual or heavy vaginal discharge

¤ Abnormal uterine bleeding

¤ Lower abdominal pain

¤ Bleeding between periods

¤ Back pain

¤ Painful sexual intercourse

¤ Painful and frequent urination.

My advice to those who have these disease:

Consult your doctor because it's life threatening. They say prevention is better than cure. If you think that after consulting with your doctor isn't OK, you can find additional help. But keep trying to find ways to help yourself and prayers to God for more and better solutions.

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Thanks for reading... See you in my next post.

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