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Diverse Benefits Of Tiger Nut To Women's Health And Fertility

Tiger nut belongs to the family Cyperaceae. It is also known as earth almond.It provides essential health benefits to women.Tiger nut is high in vitamins, zinc, calcium, and helpful in the treatment of obesity, fertility improvement and improper digestion. Other benefits of the earth almond to women's health will be discussed in this article.

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Benefits Of Tiger Nut To Women's Health:

1 Aids digestion: Tiger nut helps to detoxify the liver and stimulate the digestive system

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2 Beauty: The vitamin E present in tiger but can promote a flawless and healthy glowing skin

3 Improves fertility in women

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4 Stabilizes the heart rate .It places a positive role in maintaining a normal blood pressure

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5 Sheds off excess weight: It contains a high level of dietary fiber that contributes to weight loss

6 Controls diabetes

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7 Improves the heart health

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