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What the different colors vaginal discharge from a woman private organ indicates.

Vãginãl discharge is the fluid that comes out from the private organ (vãginã) of a woman. It could be of different colours but an healthy one is the one which is clear and contains some cervical mucus and debris from their cells. A verified health site, Medicinenet shared what the different colours of discharge from a woman vãgina indicates.

Below are them.

1. Clear discharge 

This type of discharge usually occurs before, during or after an intercourse when a woman is aroused. This indicates increase in blood flow to the genitals.

2. White discharge.

This type of discharge are usually milky in color and thick in consistency. They could be caused by fluctuating hormones. They could indicate bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection if a strong fishy odor is perceived.

3. Brown discharge.

This type of discharge could indicate that you are ovulating and could also be a sign of pregnancy when it occurs when your period supposed to start. HPV or Cervical cancer are some uncommon indications of brown discharge.

4. Yellow discharge 

It indicates sēxually transmitted disease such as vaginosis or gonorrhea.

5. Green discharge.

This may indicate that the woman has trichomoniasis.

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