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Reaction: A Nigerian First-Class Student Commits Suicide While on PhD Scholarship in Germany (Photo)

The rate of reports concerning suicide cases among young Nigerians is alarming and worrisome. Suicide is associated with poor mental health such as depression, anxiety, and others. Reports of suicide have also been linked to poverty and a low standard of living. These are the common causes of suicide. However, for a first-class and promising young Nigerian graduate who committed suicide during his PhD studies in Germany, the motive is unclear.

As reported by a Twitter user, the young Nigerian could have committed suicide due to academic stress and depression.

It is a common experience that academic studies especially at the post-graduate level can be very demanding and tedious. This can lead to psychological effects such as depression and anxiety which can result in suicide if poorly managed. This shows that mental health should not be neglected.

As a result, some psychological interventions are necessary in academic institutions to effectively manage such psychological outcomes among students.

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