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Benefits of hydration for older adults

Helping older adults hydrate is everyone's job.

When we are small, our body is made up of 85% water. But, as we grow older, this amount decreases to 70% and when we are older adults, it reaches only 60%. That is why proper hydration is very important for people over 65 years of age.

In general, older adults do not feel thirsty, and if there is no one person waiting for them to drink water, they do not. Helping older adults hydrate is everyone's job. If we don't start encouraging hydration today, tomorrow may be too late.

Water has beneficial physical and chemical properties for the body and is also the ideal medium for the transport of substances, being essential in the processes of digestion, absorption, distribution of nutrients, transport and disposal of toxic elements.

An older adult who weighs around 60 kilograms should consume at least one and a half liters of water a day so that his body can achieve a water balance, that is, the amount of water ingested is the same as that eliminated.

The main sources of fluids are water and food. To find out if an older adult ingests the correct amount, we can measure urine every 24 hours, discarding the first one of the day and collecting it until the first of the next morning. If the total is less than 500 cubic centimeters, is dark and has an intense smell, then we should be alarmed. If it is clear and abundant, no problem.

Those who consume water will have many benefits. Among them, we highlight the following 9:

1. Lubricates the joints

2. It prevents cramps

3. Reduce viral infections such as the flu or influenza

4. Decreases the production of stones or stones in the kidney

5. It decreases urinary infections

6. It reduces inflammation of the gums, cavities, and other diseases of the mouth

7. Reduces the risk of heart attack

8. It improves digestion and prevents constipation

9. It lowers the risk of depression

The lack of water in the body can cause cardiovascular and digestive disorders, toxin retention, kidney failure, complete kidney failure, headaches, brain disorders, diabetes, and other consequences.

It is recommended that older adults consume 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. In the morning and afternoon, two at a time, every 30 minutes, and at night, two every hour.

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