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Here Is One Food Most Men Enjoy That Can Possibly Lead To Reduction In The Masculine Hormone

The advent of science and technology has been quite helpful in helping us pinpoint foods with nutrients that can incur some undesirable effects in our general health and well being. 

An unconcluded research sited on 'Healthline' recorded that soya milk contains a particular nutrient known as phytoestrogens. A briefing on the human gender hormones and their functions can be of help in understanding this text better.

Source: Healthy Food Guide

The male gender hormone which is the testosterone is responsible for masculine attributes that men would have. The deep voice that follows puberty, growth of beards and mustache, muscular body and the rest of them are brought by this hormone.

The function of this hormone also goes beyond what the eyes would easily see as it is also responsible for spermatogenesis. The physiological process through which the male gamete is produced and stored. 

That of the female is called the estrogen. The female skin is perfectly smoothened as a result of this hormone. The elevated pitch in their voice, the growth of their adipose tissues are all as a result of this hormone.

The substance phytoestrogens that was recorded by 'Healthline' to be present in soy milk would imitate the function of the estrogen hormone in the body. When such a substance works in the male body, the function of testosterone is suppressed. 

Spermatogenesis which is the production of male gamete could be inhibited or disturbed as well resulting to a possibility in low sperm count and perhaps infertility on the long run. 

Remember, the purpose of this article is note to put fear in you or bring inside of you, a hatred for this nutritious food. It is only for the sake of awareness and so you do not indulge in it's excessive consumption. Too much of everything is bad and for sure, soy milk will be no exception.

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