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How To Get Bigger Hips Naturally

Different ladies desire bigger hips for different reasons. While some are willing and financially capable of going through surgical processes to get their desired body shape, others are not capable of doing so. Apart from going through surgical processes, there are other things you can engage in to get your desired body shape naturally and considerably fast.

In an article published by "Healthline", it is stated that eating a lot of glute-growing foods and adding it up with regular exercise is one of the most effective strategies to maximize hip growth.

Below are some of the ways you can get a bigger hip naturally and faster without going under the knife;


First on this list is undertaking regular exercises. There are different types of exercises made available but you have to stick to exercises that target your hips and butt. To gain a bigger hip and butt more work needs to be done on growing your glute and to achieve that the following exercise is proven to be your best option; side lunges, squats, yoga, and leg lifts. Ensure you do these exercises correctly to achieve your desired results. If you don’t know how to do them correctly, seek the help of a trainer.


Growing your hips requires more than just wishful thinking. There are certain habits you need to let go off and some you need to adopt. To get a bigger hip faster, you need to focus more on eating glute (the muscle that makes up the buttocks) growing foods. Such foods include dairy products, legumes, eggs, protein shakes, salmon, quinoa, lean protein, and vegetables. Try as much as possible to have a regular intake of dairy products after your exercise sessions to help build and maintain muscle mass.


According to "Medicalnewstoday", there are different types of herbs that builds and maintains muscle mass in the hips and butt. They do this by increasing the estrogen levels of your body by working with your pituitary glands. Some of the herbs known for helping to increase butt and hip size include Angelica, Centella, Evening primose, Fennel seeds, Pueraria Mirifica, Maca root extracts, and many more. You can get these herbs in different herbal stores. Also according to Medical news today, these herbs work best if taken immediately after each exercise.

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