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4 Early Signs And Symptoms That May Indicate Menopause In Women

Menopause is the usual name for the years when a woman has stopped having periods and her ovaries have stopped producing eggs and the female chemicals oestrogen and progesterone. Many women have physical and psychological problems as a result of the irregular or complete cessation of menstruation brought on by this decline in hormone production.

The early indications and symptoms of menopause are outlined in this article, which is based on research and data from the Mayo Clinic.

Symptoms of excessive heat

Menopausal women frequently get hot flashes. A hot flash is an intense sensation of heat that can be felt all over the body, but is typically worst in the chest and head. Sweating and/or a flushed face may accompany or follow a hot flash.

Atrophy of the vaginal tissue (dryness)

Atrophy of the vagina and urethra is characterized by their drying out and becoming thinner. This can cause vaginitis, cystitis, and urinary tract infections, as well as sex-related pain.

Modifications to your body's appearance

Additionally, you may find that your hair and skin grow drier and thinner. During menopause, weight gain might occur for some women. This could lead to an increase in belly fat and an overall loss of muscle tone and definition.

Persistent nighttime perspiration

The onset of menopause might cause night sweats, poor sleep, and early morning awakenings.

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