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5 Reasons For Nose Swelling During Pregnancy

Swelling in the nose during pregnancy is not a normal symptom of pregnancy and obviously you will worry. But if you have a fair idea of why it happens, you might be able to take care of those problems.

1. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the blood vessels expand to send more blood to the growing foetus. These blood vessels expand in the sinuses and nasal passages too, thus causing a slight swelling in the nose.

2. During the last trimester of pregnancy, water retention in the face may cause the nose to swell to a great extent.

3. High blood pressure levels during pregnancy can also cause swelling in the nose.

4. Swelling in the nose or an increase in the size of the nose can be attributed to the changes in the hormonal system of the body.

5. An increase in the oestrogen levels of the body can increase the flow of the blood into the mucous membrane, which is just below the nose. The increased blood flow expands the muscles in the nose.

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