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See The Foods Ulcer Patients Should Avoid!

The stomach ulcer is a condition that doesn't know age. It affects both the young and old. This infection is caused by bacteria in the stomach and it becomes an open sore. This sore becomes painful when you eat the wrong food or you eat late.

If you're an ulcer patient or you know anyone who is, then you'll know the kind of pain they go through. The pain is really extreme and heart wrecking. It subsides after taking an antacid. Well, instead of taking antacids every time and putting yourself on the path of pain, you should know some foods you're meant to avoid.

So, I compiled a list of foods that have gone through researches, these foods are those foods ulcer patients should avoid.

Please do not take this lightly.



3)Spicy food


5)Citrus like orange and lemon


7)Meat with too much fat



10)Avoid eating too much and taking food within two to three hours before sleeping.

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