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"Letters To Those Thinking Life Is Worthless Without Money" : Facts About Life

Sometimes we just wonder how the world is some people have what others really want,its quite unfair don't you think,.Mr John Wants good health his riches aren't taking him anywhere,. While Mr Chidi is an hustler praying everyday for his daily bread.

I interviewed some rich people along with some celebrities I know with their children and what I got from them is really disturbing.

The children were like they would sacrifice anything just to have tender and special moments with their parents apart from going to the cinemas every Saturdays or even going for shopping at some of the most exotic places in the country and beyond.

"My Parents Destroyed My life By Getting me a mobile 📱 phone ,I was exposed to porn really early" one said.

"it hurts me when I see my mum in the hospital every time ".another said

The fact is that you should be happy with what you have ,even if you want you want to live a better and good life work hard and PRAY, So your life would be just right "good health,good relationships, and favoured life".

Sometimes when we hear of others people's problems we just have no option than to just kneel down and just thank God for everything he has done.

To those feeling they are "atheist" I pity you, the worst is yet to come upon you ,if you are a Muslim stick to it if And kf you are a Christian please stick to it, being an atheist is really dangerous Because all kind of evil forces are really vulnerable to you.

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