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Everyday Habits That Can Damage Your Brain

The brain is one of your body's major organs and serves as the command center for everything you do and how you function on a daily basis. However, it is also one of your body's most fragile organs. You may be injuring it, whether you realize it or not, through your seemingly innocuous daily routines. They not only cause bodily injury, but they also impair your mental ability. Here's a list of 11 brain-damaging behaviors you might be engaging in on a daily basis.

Sugar Consumption is High 


These days, sugar is lurking in practically everything we eat. When we consume too much sugar over a lengthy period of time, our bodies' ability to absorb nutrients and proteins is harmed. This could lead to malnutrition, which can stifle brain growth. This is because the body does not have enough nutrients in the bloodstream, and as a result, the brain does not receive adequate nutrition, inhibiting its development.

Pollution in the Air 

To function properly, our brain requires a lot of oxygen. Inhaling dirty air continuously reduces oxygen flow to the body and brain, resulting in diminished brain effectiveness.



Overeating is responsible for more than just weight gain and bloating. It causes the arteries in the brain to stiffen, impairing our mental capacities.

Sleeping with your head covered 


Your oxygen intake is reduced while you sleep with your head covered. Our brain, as previously stated, requires a considerable amount of oxygen to function effectively. When you cover your mouth and nose, you may inhale more carbon dioxide than you exhale. 


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