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Lumbar Arthritis: What you should know about the disease

Lumbar arthritis happens when arthritis affects the person's lower back.

The human spine is formed from five sections — the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx. It usually affects the lower back, which is situated just above the pelvis.

There are many sorts of arthritis that will affect the lower back, including spondyloarthritis.

Here are the important things should realize about lumbar arthritis, including its causes, symptoms, treatments, and diagnosis.


The major symptom people affected with lumbar arthritis have is lower back pain and therefore the pain may go all the way down to the edges of the buttocks. Anyone affected by lumbar arthritis also can feel the pain within the thighs though it rarely spreads to the knees.

Lumbar arthritis can also cause:

1 muscle spasms

2 joint creaking

3 stiffness

3 a decreased range of motion within the lower back

Symptoms of lumbar arthritis are usually slow to develop and not noticeable initially.

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Causes and risk factors

Below is arthritis that will affect the lumbar spine:

1 Osteoarthritis

2 Spondyloarthritis

3 rheumatoid arthritis

4 Enteropathic arthritis

5 Osteoporosis

6 Spondylo-arthritis

You can reduce the symptoms and pains of lumbar arthritis by:

1 maintaining a moderate weight

2 Eating healthy meals

3 Quit smoking

4 Avoiding drinking of excess alcohol

Prevention methods:

1 Reducing the danger of injury by lifting heavy items correctly

2 Practicing proper posture

3 Exercising regularly

4 Maintaining a moderate weight

5 Eating a healthful diet

6 wearing proper shoes to avoid falling and twisting that part of the body

7 Stop smoking

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Lumbar Arthritis


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