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Top Five common bad habit that can lead to brain damage

Brain had becomes the main distributor board to other organs of the body.they are some certain habit that we exhibit that can lead to brain damage that Will don't know.some of the things we take it as a normal thing but has a negative effect on body system and the brain collectively.

Below are some common habits that destroy the brain.

1.Smoking : Smokers are liable to die at early stages. Smoking have no positive impact or benefits to the brain. Smoking can lead to heart failure and also brain damage. Avoid smoking.

2. Staying awake all night : people who hardly sleep are liable to have a brain damage, sleeping is very vital to the body system.

3.Over feeding : It's always advisable not take too much food because it can lead to brain damage.

4. Not drinking water :Water is very crucial and essential to the body system , people who take water always have a low tendency of having a brain damage.

5. Listing to music through a earpiece when playing loud can damage the brain.

The above information are gotten based on research and experience.

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