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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

History of Body Building

Body Building is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's musculature for aesthetic purposes. An Individual who engages in this activity is called a bodybuilder.

In the late 19th century in England, a sport of displaying one's physiques was developed by Eugen Sandow. Soon, Canadian brothers Joe and Ben Weider brought this sport into the mainstream public.

Musclemen from all over the globe took part in Mr. Olympia.

With proper training and diet, any amateur with a decent physique used to participate in these competitions as the bodybuilding was at its infancy.

It wasn't about size back in the day, it's been about aesthetics and proportionality. But nowadays, Bodybuilding is out of reach with the idea that"bigger is better" considering the not so impressive bodies of professionals these days.

Professional bodybuilders primarily rely on their workout and diet to improve or maintain their physiques. But the question arises, who was the best overall (of all eras)?

To answer this, we developed a list of the greatest bodybuilders of all time based on their overall physique, muscularity, winning profile, and their overall positive influence on the sport.

Here are the best bodybuilders in the world:

10. Dexter Jackson

9. Phil Health

8. Lou Ferringo

7. Flex Wheeler

6. Kelvin Levrone

5. Lee Haney

4. Dorian Yates

3. Jay Cutler

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Ronnie Coleman

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