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Four Remedies You Can Try At Home If You Are Experiencing Stomach Pain

Everybody occasionally feels indigestion and an unsettled stomach after eating or drinking. Typically, there is little need for concern and home remedies can frequently be used to address the symptoms.

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There are many well-liked natural treatments for dyspepsia. Other causes of stomach trouble, such irritable bowel syndrome, may also be helped by certain treatments.

1. Drinking Water

Water is essential for the body's proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from food and drink. Digestion becomes more challenging and inefficient when a person is dehydrated, which raises the probability of an upset stomach.

Additionally, water consumption may lessen heartburn.

Both men and women should consume 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, according to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. Other organizations may have different advice, such as to consume 4-6 cups of water daily.

2. Ginger

Ginger may lessen nausea and vomiting in folks who are pregnant or receiving chemotherapy, according to a trusted source.

Try putting ginger in your food or drinking ginger tea if you have an upset stomach. There may be enough ginger in some all-natural ginger ales to soothe an upset stomach.

3. BRAT diet

People with diarrhea may be advised to follow the BRAT diet by doctors.

The acronym BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. These foods could lessen how frequently someone stools and could ease their diarrhea. 

Due to their blandness, these foods don't have any ingredients that can irritate the stomach, esophagus, or intestines. Soothing tissue discomfort brought on by the acids in vomit is possible with this diet.

4. Refrain from lying down

Avoiding lying down may help keep heartburn from developing from indigestion.

The stomach's acid is more prone to migrate backward and upward when the body is horizontal, which might result in heartburn.

For at least a few hours after experiencing an upset stomach, avoid lying down or going to bed.


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