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Indigestion and its cures

Indigestion means incomplete or imperfect digestion of food consumed. Indigestion takes different shapes and forms in different people. It a can be acute or chronic.. The name is simple, indigestion is a very serious ailment. Indigestion can lead to pollution and it may affects some organs in the body. Ingestion must be avoided at all cost and efforts must be made to ensure that the stomach is kept free and healthy.

Causes of indigestion:

Over eating.

Excessive alcohol consumption .


Eating at irregular hours .

Lack of exercise.

Symptoms of indigestion:

Persistent pain in the stomach especially after eating.

Feeling of fullness after a little meal.

General abdominal discomfort.


Heart burn.

An experience of bitter fluid rising up from the stomach to the mouth.

Treatment for indigestion:

Whenever you feel any of the symptoms of indigestion, stay off solid food for at least 24 hours.

Take only fruits and water.

Natural treatment for indigestion:

Bitter leaf.

Simply squeeze some quantity of bitter leaf in water and drink one glass three times daily.

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