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“I Started Growing My Moustache And Beard Just So My Patients Take Me Seriously” - Online Doctor

Our health is the first thing we should probably care about and that is why they formulated a wise saying which says “ Health is wealth”.

For the treatment of health complications, there are hospitals all around which could be privately owned or owned by the government. Doctors and Nurses are available and their job is to make sure any one with discomfort get treated eased off their pains.

However, people tend to believe in old health practitioners which includes Doctors and Nurses. Working experience matters a lot and this is why most people probably seek the help of an elderly Doctor or Nurse rather than a Doctor who is young. A Doctor took to his Twitter page to let out his frustration about how his patients doesn’t take him serious because he looks younger despite having 8 years experience as health practitioner.

The online Doctor who goes by the name Doctor Wales on Twitter took to his Twitter page to share his concern and frustration on how his patients look down on him because he looks young and also talk about his plan to grow his facial hair. In his full tweet he said “I started growing my moustache and beard just so my patients take me seriously. Because without it I look like a teenager posing as a Doctor, it's not even funny! They won't know they're talking to someone who's 8 years in active Medical Practice”

He continued by saying “They'll be telling me My Son, do you have any Senior Doctor or Consultant I can speak to regarding this test result?" Is my 8 years MD degree a joke to you?”

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