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3 Worst Foods that are Bad for Eye Sight, Avoid Them

The Eye is a very important organ of the body. When the brain is affected, it could lead to direct effect on your heart health and blood vessels.

But what you eat and drink has a lasting effect on your cardiovascular health and vision.

Well in this article, I am going to be guiding you through certain foods that has been regarded worst foods for your eyes and why?

1. Bread and Pasta

Research has linked simple carbohydrates such as white bread and Pasta to higher chances of age related macular degeneration, also known as a leading cause of vision loss for older adults.

According to, when you eat white bread and Pasta, it easily gets digested which causes a spike in your blood sugar leading to diabetes.

Diabetes on the other hand has been proven to be the major cause of eye damages. In younger people of age 1-30, bread should be consumed in low quantities. Replace it with whole grain versions.

2. Processed meats

Processed meats are loaded with sodium. This salt spike can eventually lead to High Blood pressure.

Research shows that High blood pressure causes blood vessels damage that lead to blurred vision, a build up of blood in the retina and other side effects.

3. Fried foods

Deep fried foods such as chicken meat, chips all have bad cholesterol which leads to stroke, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

All of which connects to the eye health. You can fight this by eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

Try as much as possible to watch foods that you eat.


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