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4 Foods You Should Stop Eating As A Man To Avoid Prostrate Cancer

In today's world, there are a thousand and one different types of cancer problems which people suffer. They range from kidney, heart, intestinal cancer, stomach, pancreatic cancer and lots more.

The one which is mostly common especially in men is prostrate cancer, and this disease can be avoided if they stay away from certain things that go into their mouth.Health is wealth and in order to stay healthy at all times, we must endeavour to follow up on things that will not cause us to fall ill. Hence, this article talks about 4 foods you should stop eating as a man in order to avoid prostrate disease.

We may know that this disease affects mostly men who are 50 years and above. It tends to get worse as you keep growing old. Below are 4 foods to stay away from:

1. Junk foods: These are one of the killer of the prostrate glands. The glands help in the production of seminal fluids in men.

Eating junks has a way of disrupting this fluid production, thereby causing some blockage around the glands which can equally lead to inability of passing urine. This is because junks contain harmful substances which pose serious threat to our health.2. Canned foods: These are foods produced and preserved in cans. They contain chemicals which affects the prostrate organs as you grow old. The consumption of canned foods may not show any sign of health damage at a young age until you grow older.

3. Another food you should stop eating is red meat: There are cancer causing agents found in red meats which are known as heterocyclic amines. They are found in cooked meat, and high consumption of this can lead to high risk of having prostrate cancer.4. The consumption of alcohol and smoking are another thing you should stay away from, especially if you are a very heavy drinker or smoker.

Remember that, these things mentioned here are not limited to anyone as these dangerous chemicals can get deposited in anybody's system. They get accumulated until when they begin to manifest. So, we must avoid them at all cost as they are capable of causing other serious diseases too apart from prostrate cancer.

However, sometimes, there may not be any sign of this disease until later in our life. We are therefore advised to eat healthy, feed more on meals with good nutritional value like vegetables and fruits and also, drink plenty of water.

Pictures credited to Live Science, NDTV, healthline and the pretend chef.

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