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Here's what to do if people naturally seem to avoid you

Do people seem to move away when you get close to them? Well, the thing is there might be something causing them to avoid you but they don't know how to tell you face to face, so they simply stay away.

For example, are you in the habit of moving too close to people when you want to talk to them? Many people do not like to be approached too closely. Try keeping a reasonable distance when associating with people so they won't feel uncomfortable.

Also, if you're in the habit of touching people when you're with them it can make them uncomfortable and stay away. For instance, it's not advisable to lean on someone or try to hang your hand over a person's shoulder when you're with the person. It can feel uncomfortable, unless if it's someone you're dating and even so, you should do it with certain limits.

Another thing is personal hygiene. As a person matures in age, body sweat easily causes unpleasant smells when it dries on the skin and clothes. That is why regular bathing and washing of clothes is very crucial because truth be told, the person who sweated does not perceive his own smell because it comes from him so he is used to it. It is others that perceive it and that is why he wouldn't know why people are staying away. Vital areas like the armpit are where sweat do accumulate and can cause unpleasantness. It's why you should apply deodorant before going out, to keep the armpits dry.

With regard to this also is the mouth. A person might be in the habit of eating things that cause unpleasant smells from the mouth, and yet does not brush frequently. Things like garlic, onions etc. When eating especially raw, they cause unpleasant smells. Best thing is to always try to keep the mouth clean with proper brushing, especially by scrubbing the tongue thoroughly and the roof of the mouth as well, which many people ignore. And then, brushing at least twice daily (morning and evening) is advisable. I had a friend one time who, before going out to any meeting or occasion, would first brush his mouth. His belief was that he might have to talk with someone at close range and he had to be prepared to be fresh at all times. Aside from foods, certain drinks with strong smells -- such as strong alcohol -- can be a factor that causes people to keep a distance. As strong drinks have a high concentration of alcohol, they can cause discomfort when perceived by another person and should be taken with discretion.

Then again are your visible habits. Do you bite your fingers? Are you in the habit of picking your nose? Do you frequently spit where people are? Do you have a habit of holding your groin with one hand while walking, as some people do? Do you scratch your body frequently? These questions -- if there is one or more of them that you do, you should seriously work on it. Many people find those things repulsive and may stay away because of them.

Lastly, watch your character. Try not to be a person who makes senseless noise or cracks jokes randomly just to be heard. It can make you look like an irresponsible person. And don't be timid as well. Instead, be bold to approach people when there is a good reason to -- but respect their boundaries and know when to let go.

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