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4 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Can Make You Feel Sleepy

Most of us can’t face the day without our morning coffee, but it turns out that a hot cup of java can actually help you get the most out of your sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant that is supposed to keep you awake, but if you feel like drinking coffee makes you want to take a nap, you’re not alone. Many people notice that coffee, even if it’s not decaf, makes them feel sleepy.

However, here are some reasons why drinking coffee can make you feel sleepy.

1) Caffeine doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

Normally, adenosine builds up in the brain the longer we're awake. The more it builds up, the sleepier we become. When caffeine blocks this process, we remain alert and vigilant. Research has also shown that caffeine interferes with circadian melatonin rhythms4, delaying the onset of sleep if consumed close to bedtime.

2) Coffee can make you feel tired.

If drinking a cup of coffee makes a person feel tired, the effects of caffeine may be responsible. Caffeine increases alertness by interfering with certain chemical processes in the brain that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. However, once the body completely metabolizes caffeine, it can make people feel tired.

3) It lowers your blood glucose levels.

Caffeine may increase an individual's sensitivity to hypoglycemia through the combined effects of reducing substrate delivery to the brain via constriction of the cerebral arteries, whilst simultaneously increasing brain glucose metabolism and augmenting catecholamine production.

When your body ingests processed sugars, your blood glucose levels begin to drop. As a result, you may feel a lack of energy and tiredness

4) Mold in coffee may cause fatigue.

Mycotoxins have been linked to causing chronic fatigue. To avoid this mold, try to diversify the coffee you drink, whether that's changing up coffee shops or buying different brands. And keep an eye out for coffee beans that look discolored or shriveled.

Source: Google, Bright side

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