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What to do immediately if a fish bone sticks to your throat

Certain bony fish, such as sardines, can be difficult to eat without swallowing their bones. Removing fish bones while eating can be a nuisance and can also be a problem when they get stuck in your throat.

According to Healthline, swallowing a fish bone might result in throat soreness, coughing, and occasionally blood spitting. It's an uncomfortable sensation that necessitates acting straight away. You must take the bone out of your neck.

1. You can consume fizzy beverages quickly. The position of the fish bone in your throat will change due to the pressure of the gas in the carbonated beverage. You'll be able to swallow it more easily as a result.

2. If you're lucky enough to find a solid food item such as bread, you can swallow it immediately. This can help push the bones into your stomach. Once you swallow it, quickly drink some water. You may also want to use some salt water gargles or cough drops to help soothe the pain in your throat.

3. When a fish bone suddenly gets lodged in your throat, don't try to speak or make noise. Just take a deep breath, tilt your head back, and cough forcefully.

4. This will force the bone up and out of your throat. The back of your throat can be scratched with a finger when you cough, too.

Consume some bananas, fourth. Fish bones can be snagged by bananas and pushed deeper into the digestive system. Try eating an apple or an orange, two fruits that have a high acid content. Because they are acidic, they can dissolve the fish bone and make it simpler to swallow, reducing any throat irritation.

5. Avoid unneeded stress. Worrying won't help, especially if you just consumed a hot meal.

Keep the heat from your meal from entering your lungs while you sleep peacefully. Olive oil and honey are both healthy to eat and are both fantastic for licking. You will be able to swallow the fishbone more effortlessly as a result of it lubricating your throat.

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