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Disease prevention and treatment

Causes of body infection

causes and type of body infection.

Infection are small bacteria or tiny organisms that enters the body and causes diseases ,which if not treated may be incurable (permanent).

Infection include virus, bacteria,fungi and parasite.

They are very tiny infection organisms and are tiny than bacteria. They require a host cell (living things)to carry out their lifecycles,they use cellular component in the host cell to reproduce new viruses,if time is not taken the host cell might die.

Below are different type of viral infection.

-- Common cold

-- Chicken pox

-- Measles

-- Rashes

-- Boil

-- Hepatitis which include A,B,C,D&E

For the treatment,antiviral drugs are used to treat viral infections.

Note: if you have boil in the private part

-- avoid wearing tight undies.

-- take your bath regularly

-- shave regular

-- remember to use the tissue after urinating

-- do not wear your undies to sleep in the night.

-- do not urinate anyhow and anywhere.

2)If you have Malaria you can take plum as it can help to treat it.

Bacteria infection.

They are single-cell microrganisms, they come in different sizes and shapes. They can be found in environment like soil,water,in and on our body.

Do you know that the bacteria in our digestive tract can help to digest our food although some of these bacteria cause an infection.

Below are types of Bacteria infection.

-- strep throat

-- Food poisoning

-- Syphilis

-- Gonorrhea

-- Tuberculosis

-- Whooping cough

-- Tetanus

-- Cholera

Bacterial infection are treated with antibiotics

So please remember to see your doctor if you have any of these infections.

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