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3 Signs that show you are eating less Protein than you should

Based on an article written by Healthline and WebMD, protein is a chemical compound used by the body for the repairing and building of many cells, tissues, and organs; coordination of metabolic reactions and important bodily functions; regulating and balancing of body pH; and also giving the body a strong and firm structural framework. However, when you are eating less protein than you should, or you have consumed protein below the body's needs for a long time, there are some signs the body gives to make you aware of the need to eat more protein for proper growth and functioning of the cells, tissues, and organs in the body. 

Here are three signs that you are eating less protein than you should.

1. One of the signs that show you are eating less protein than you should is that you will notice that your bones will become vulnerable or susceptible to fractures at the slightest injury or accident that involve a slight bone impact. This issue occurs when you don't eat enough protein as the body requires, and the body is forced to get it from other parts of the body and also from the skeletal muscles, and this makes the bones lacking in enough protein to provide the right level of structural framework work that can absorb forces or presume.

2. Proteinous substances like elastin, keratin, and collagen are used by the body to make hair, nails, and skin, but when you are eating less protein than you should, the body will not be able to produce these chemical substances, which are made up of proteins, and the skin will appear flaky and dry, while the nails will start having vertical lines in the form of ridges, and likewise, the hair will lose its shinny lustre and soft texture, and will also become brittle, meaning that it will break off easily when pulled or combed.

3. Another sign that shows you are eating less protein than you should is that your body will start losing weight in the form of muscle, and this occurs due to the fact that your body extracts proteins from the muscles in your body.

4. Another sign is that your body takes longer to heal wounds or injuries that you sustain, and this is because you are eating less protein than you should, which makes the body unable to manufacture enough of the chemical compound called collagen, which is used in the sealing of wounds. Also, your body uses proteins for the blood clotting process.

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