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5 Health Tips Towards Managing Your Diabetes

Eating healthily

Diabetics should manage their intake of carbohydrates (rice, yam, breads); and simple sugars (juices and sweets) because these foods would spike up your blood sugar levels. Rather you should consume more whole grains and legumes. Diabetics should also limit their alcohol intake. This is because sweet wines and beers are composed of carbohydrates which would increase their blood sugar levels.


According to The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, " obese individuals should aim at losing 5–10% of their weight to lower the effect of diabetes on their health."

Diabetic persons should limit their activity to moderate exercise like walking, and mild biking. They should avoid high intensity exercise such as running, tennis, and weight lifting.

Monitoring and treating blood sugar levels

Monitoring your blood sugar levels gets you to identify any peaks; and address the cause of such a peak. Taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor would help stabilize your blood sugar levels. This includes attending all doctor appointments; and making necessary lifestyle changes instructed by your doctor.

Managing cardiovascular risks

Having diabetes predisposes you to many health conditions which could increase the effects of your diabetes. Such as kidney and heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. According to Healthline, " Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death among people with diabetes."

Preventing infections

Diabetics are at greater risk of catching infections such as the flu; pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. Wounds take longer time to heal for them. And if it's not quickly attended to; the wound becomes ulcerated, then amputation may be necessary.

Therefore take the following measures to prevent such dreadful complications:

Practice good hygiene and hand- washing.

Daily examine your feet and body for wounds that require attention.

Seek medical help; and treatment early for any infections.

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Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


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