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Various forms of exercises we do unknowingly

There are different exercise we can do unknowingly which actually burns some calories.

Here are a list of those exercise we do unknowingly

1. Texting: Moving your thumbs, not moving your thunbs, they need to work out too. To really feel the burn, hold the phone away from your body at eye-height. The more you resist gravity to distance the phone from your body. The more you'll feel the burn in your shoulders and traps.

2. Chewing gum: While bumping your gums will never touchcalories as efficiently as an aerobic activity, all that chomping isn't for nothing. A university of Rhode Island study found out that people who chewed sugar free gums before and after meals burned up to 5 percent extra calories. To really feel the burn, whenever you feel sluggish because chewing can make you feel extra energized.

3. Standing in a line: Waiting for a restaurant table or spot at the bar might seem like a drag, but standing upright burns more calories than sitting down. To really feel the burn, Do heel lifts, or if you'd prefer not to look like a jack in the box, try to subtly balance on your tippy toes for up to a minute.

4. Brushing your teeth: Any time you battle gravity by lifting your arms in the air, your body stands to benefit. To really feel the burn, set your phone timer for two minutes, and actually brush the entire time.

5. Unloading the dishwasher:Picking things up and putting things down? Same stuff people do at the gym.

To really feel the burn: Using proper deadlifting form (i.e., squatting or bending from the hips instead of curving your spine), remove one plate at a time with both hands. Then stack them on a high and utterly inconvenient shelf. (Despite the paper-light weights, the extra reps and reaching will eventually tire you out.)

when mixing, rolling, and kneading to work your weaker side.

6. Shopping for clothes: If your eyes are bigger than your closet, good: Holding piles of clothes as you browse toward the dressing room can really work your arms.

To really feel the burn: Hold the items by the hanger hooks instead of folding them over your arm. It will work your biceps, shoulder, and grip (which strengthens your arms and makes them look more toned), Twohig says. Just remember to swap sides to keep everything even.

7. Setting the dinner table: File this chore under "keeps you on your feet" and "requires movement" — kind of like hopping on a treadmill.

To really feel the burn: Take one piece of cutlery to the table at a time to maximizes your trips to and from the silverware drawer. (You'll rack up steps so quickly that your Fitbit won't know what hit it.) Use the same strategies when clearing the table after you eat.

8. Carrying a purse: If it contains even 1 percent of everything you own (a modest estimate for most women), you might as well call this weight lifting. Especially if your bag is big or contains bulky hardware.

To really feel the burn: Pack it to the brim — spare shoes? Full-size hair products? NBD. Then hold it in your hand at waist-height instead of on your shoulder, slung across your body, or in the crook of your arm.

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