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6 Fruits You Can Eat To Help Battle Kidney Disease And Maintain Healthy Kidneys

Narrowing down the healthy foods that can be eaten by a person who's battling kidney disease, it is best to single out some fruits for their usefulness in this aspect of human health, eating without carefully looking at the nutrients and health benefits a food offers is a habit I believe should be dropped, we need to know exactly what we consume, the nutrients they contain and the health benefits we can gain from them.

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According to Healthline, Kidney disease affects 10% of the world's population and this percentage can be effectively reduced if work is put in. Knowing the functions carried out by the kidney takes us closer to knowing what we might suffer if our kidney is damaged.

The pair of bean-shaped organs when optimally functional help with various functions including

√ Excreting waste by removing waste products and excreting them via urine.

√ They help to regulate blood pressure.

√ The kidneys help to reabsorb nutrients from the blood and transport them to sites where they are needed.

√ Maintaining pH.

√ Osmolality Regulation.

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These functions communally help to keep the internal environment of humans fairly constant and healthy, you can peep regulation of blood pressure and removal of waste products among the functions of the kidney mentioned above.

Now take high blood pressure, its effects on the human heart, and the cardiovascular diseases it can give rise to, it leads to no good and this can befall anyone if he has a damaged kidney as this function will be affected, the same thing goes for the removal of waste via urine and every other function in the human body that involves the kidney.

Kidney disease occurs as a result of damage to the kidney, such damage impairs the natural functioning of the kidney, kidney disease can be caused by high blood pressure and diabetes among other issues.

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The damage done to the kidney, which is referred to as kidney disease, can lead to other health complications like malnutrition, nerve damage, and weak bones because if the kidney (a versatile organ with crucial functions) is damaged or even minimally affected, then it's work will be left unattended.

Well, kidney diseases are of different types and some of them are listed below

√ Chronic Kidney Disease.

√ Polycystic Kidney Disease.

√ Kidney Stones.

Treating kidney disease can take different forms, a change in diet, as well as use of drugs and medications, have many times given positive results, so, I'll be showing you six fruits that one who's battling kidney disease can eat, not only as a form of treatment but as a means of maintaining healthy kidneys.

1. Blueberries.

Photo Credit: News Medical

2. Pineapple.

Photo Credit: Organic Facts

3. Red Grape.

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4. Apples.

Photo Credit: Times of India

5. Cranberry.

Photo Credit: Healthline

6. Strawberry.

Photo Credit: Healthline

The above-listed fruits are good for those with kidney disease, also, to maintain healthy kidneys you can eat these fruits, they are on this list because they have low levels of sodium, phosphorous, and potassium in addition to their other kidney-friendly properties, for example, pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain, blueberries contain antioxidants and so on.

Sourced from MedicalNewsToday, Healthline

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