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Zobo and kunu: Two Locally Made Drinks that has Beneficial Effects On your Heart

Although making some of them might not be easy but I assure you that it's the best and very nutritious to our body . Most carbonated drinks and other forms of sugary and alcoholic drinks might seem enjoyable but in the long run they have detrimental effects on our health compared to healthy drinks such as fruit punches or locally-made drinks such as Zobo and Kunu that are very beneficial to our health.

 For those of you that has had the privilege of drinking Zobo and Kunu drinks, you will agree with me when I say they are not just enjoyable, they are also very healthy drinks and they have beneficial effects on our heart. and I will explain how they do so below as a means to encourage to consume them more instead of those other drinks that are packed with substances that can cause health problems to emerge in our body in the long-run


 Kunu (also known as kununzaki) is a popular drink consumed throughout Nigeria, mostly in the north. It is usually made from a grain such as millet or sorghum, although it can be made from maize as well. As a grain based beverage Kunu is a member of the Horchata family.

    Amongst it's many health benefits, it has a cholesterol lowering effect and by doing so it prevents the accumulation of a type of cholesterol known as low density lipoprotein which is involved in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques that ends up blocking your blood vessels such as the coronary artery. This leads to a slow down or complete blockage of the flow of blood to the heart which can lead to heart diseases and death eventually. Thus by helping to lower the level of cholesterol in the body, Kunu helps prevent heart diseases.

 Zobo Drink

 Zobo drink is a familiar beverage loved by many Nigerians. Zobo drink is produced from dried roselle or sorrel leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa). This bright red drink is loved both for every day and as a refreshment drink in parties.

 The most interesting part of both drinks is that they are cheap to make or buy despite their very important effects on the heart. It is far more better to consume them than to consume other forms of artificially-made drinks that can cause health problems such as obesity and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Horchata Kunu Zobo kununzaki


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