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Medical Problems Chewing Bitter Kola May Help Manage

According to WebMD, Bitter kola, also known as Garcinia kola, is a seed found in the tropical rainforests of West and Central Africa. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various ailments. One of the most interesting benefits of bitter kola is its ability to help manage certain medical problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the medical problems chewing bitter kola may help manage.

Respiratory problems 

Bitter kola has been traditionally used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, cough, and bronchitis. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help to relieve inflammation and fight against harmful microorganisms in the respiratory tract. Chewing bitter kola may help to ease breathing and relieve coughing.

Digestive problems 

Bitter kola may also be beneficial for managing digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, and stomach pain. It contains compounds that help to stimulate the digestive system and promote bowel movement, which can help to alleviate constipation. Additionally, bitter kola has been shown to possess antibacterial properties that may help to prevent and treat bacterial infections in the gut.


Research has shown that bitter kola may be helpful in managing diabetes. It contains a compound called kolaviron, which has been found to possess anti-diabetic properties. Kolaviron has been shown to improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in animal studies, which may be beneficial for people with diabetes.


Bitter kola has been traditionally used to treat malaria, a parasitic infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Studies have shown that bitter kola possesses antimalarial properties, which may be due to its high content of phytochemicals such as flavonoids, tannins, and alkaloids. Chewing bitter kola may help to prevent and treat malaria.

Erectile dysfunction 

Bitter kola has been used as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine to enhance sexual performance. Research has shown that bitter kola contains compounds that may help to improve erectile function in men. One study found that bitter kola improved erectile function in men with mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion, bitter kola is a valuable natural remedy that may help manage various medical problems. It is important to note that while bitter kola may be helpful in managing these conditions, it should not be used as a replacement for conventional medical treatment. If you have a medical condition, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using bitter kola or any other natural remedy.

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