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5 Health Problems Drinking Excessive Alcohol Can Cause

Some people form the habit of drinking at least a bottle of beer daily while, some drink more than one bottle everyday. Although, drinking alcohol once in a while is not bad, making it a habit and a regular activity is bad not just for your health but also for your finances and reputation.

Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore the"drink responsibly" warning attached to the body of beer bottles. Many people especially, men see drinking as part of life and a way to enjoy, unfortunately, they do not know the implication frequent drinking can cause to their health.

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Here Are Five Health Problems Drinking Too Much Alcohol Can Cause

1. Mental Health Problems: the brain is so delicate and can be affected by several things one of which is, alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can cause a person to develop mental problems like, psychosis which causes people to lost track of reality.

Too Much alcohol intake can also result in, hallucination, a mental problem which makes people see, hear, smell and feel things that do not exist.

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2. Dementia: dementia is a memory loss disease that cannot be cured. The worst thing about dementia is that it is progressive which means that, a time will come when such a person may not even be able to recognize their children or, remember their own name.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause dementia.

Image: What Is Psychology

3. Cardiovascular Problems: this simply means heart and heart related problems.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause a person's heart rate to drop it can also affects the heart to the point whereby a persons risk of having stroke increases.

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4. Liver Diseases (Liver Failure): the liver is a very important organ in the body that is responsible for filtering harmful toxins from the body. However, drinking too much alcohol stresses the liver which reduces it ability to filter the alcohol fast enough.

When the liver does not filter the alcohol fast enough, the alcohol becomes toxic for the liver which can result in liver diseases.

Image: Mayo Clinic

5. Diabetes: it is common knowledge that, the main cause of diabetes is high levels of blood sugar in the body. Contrary to what many people believe, alcoholic drinks like, beer and wine contains sugar.

This simply means that, drinking alcohol regularly will make your blood sugar to be consistently high which can result in diabetes in the long run.

Image: Public Health

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