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The dawn of the day[fiction]

Sharon was sitting on a bench in a dark room , blood dripping coming her eyes like tears ,she was holding a knife and her cloth was full of Blood, there was silence in the room only the drop of her blood was the only sound in the room

She not particular looking at anything 

She just sat stirring and wondering occasionally if it was a dream*

*And then* *the door open slowly and she heard the door open , heart pumping fast, eyes wide open, body shivering, and immediately her brain draw her back to reality , then she heard the foot step coming close to her slowly, a step at a time ,then a touch on her shoulder.

Immediately she turn and stab him to death in every part of his body the blood gush out of the dead body fill the room , then she went and lock the room door 

Immediately a ring teacher snap at Sharon face ," u were sleeping in my class dripping spit from your mouth what nonsense" , Sharon"am sorry ma I......... Don't... Know when..... I slept of" mrs chika " any ways it not my business again my period is over , it break go back to your spitting dream"

Mrs chika walk out of the class ,

Sharon wonder in her sit what kind of a dream is this or was it my imagination

Then Tyler her crush walk by her , she was sniffing his perf and day dreaming about , then Tami snap on Sharon face again , "what is wrong with, do u have sleeping disorder, you are supposed to be the laughing stock of the school with all the pictures they snap , but Tyler stop them and said anyone who post the pictures or have the pictures will be in the same trouser as him "

Sharon in shock " what Tyler stood up for me* tami " yes"*

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