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Meet Man Who Was Folded In Half For 28 Years Due To Chronic Arthritis (Photos)

A man's arthritis worsened when he was left standing straight and was called a "wiping man".

But thanks to the brilliant work of Doctor.

Li Hua, 46, he is now able to stand up for the first time in 28 years.

He left Shenzhen University General Hospital in China in southern Guangdong on June 13 after a year of full surgeries and four surgeries that changed his life, the city's health agency said.

The operation means Li is able to care for his elderly mother Tang Dongchen, 71, who has been caring for him for nearly 30 years.

Li Hua received extensive treatment during the year and underwent four life-changing surgeries.

Li, a native of Yongzhou in Hunan Province in Central China, is known as "Penknife Man", a condition known as ankylosing spondylitis, a severe form of arthritis that first affected his spine and bones at 18 years old. 'age.

Li then moved so hard that his face pressed against his legs, leaving a gap of 5cm (two inches) between his chin and thighs.

His doctor, Professor Tao Huiren, told producer Ergeng TV: "Li Hua had ankylosing spondylitis. Severe spinal degeneration can put stress on the heart and lungs, leading to paralysis and eventual death.

"For the medical skills required, it was like climbing Mount Everest."

The professor and his staff at the training hospital spent two weeks developing a supportive approach and for three months preparing Mr. Li for surgery.

Four high-risk surgeries were conducted between 15 August and 31 October last year, leaving Mr .Li at risk of becoming paraplegic or even dying at the operating table.

The operation included breaking Mr.'s bones. Li in sections and edited again, and the maximum length took 10 hours and 25 minutes.

Ms. Tang's mother said: "No doubt I was worried, but there is no other way after the crisis over 20 years. I started looking for ways to treat him when I was 40. Now I am 71 years old.

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